Lehigh Valley Region AACA

Come Cruise With Us

 Alan Fenstermacher
 Vice President
 Joann Homa
 Nancy Parry
 David Oravec
Board Of Directors
 Agnes Stacy (2017-2018)
 Mary Ann Mason (2017-2018)
 Larry Carron (2017-2018)
 Mary Jane Pokojni (2017-2018)
 Warren Kitchen (2016-2017)
Committee Members
 Nominating Committee
 John Mitzak, Joe Pokojni, Charles Bauder, Bob Frey, Ed Dietrich
 Newsletter Committee
 Mary Jane Pokojni, Bob Frey, Alan Fenstermacher, Don Jones
 Historian / Photographer
 Joe Pokojni, Dave Oravec
 Cindy & Dave Oravec     cdo48@rcn.com
 Mary Jane Pokojni
 Alan Fenstermacher, JoAnn Homa, Mary Jane Pokojni
 Ed & Alice Dietrich, Bob Frey
 Car Show Committee
 Alan Fenstermacher, Ron & Debbie Heckman, Ron & Dottie Litwin, 
Putt Olson, Agnes Stacy, Dick Varga, and a lot of other members.
 Easton Heritage Day
 Willis Sigafoos, Ken Meyers
 Mary Jane Pokojni
 Christmas Party
 Mary Jane & Joe Pokojni
 Cruise Nights
 Ron Heckman (Chairman), Rich Heater (Assistant), Debbie Heckman,
Putt Olson, Agnes Stacy, Dick Varga, Ginny Procanyn, Chip Kalnas,
John & Karan, Mitzak, Willis & Gloria Sigafoos and anyone who wants
to help. 
 Halloween Dinner Dance
 Mary Ann Mason, Mary Jane Pokojni
 Refreshment Committee
 Dottie Littwin and a sign up list
 Hospitality - Sunshine
 Putt Olson   610-252-2606

Upcoming Events


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